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Frequently Asked Questions

We have simplified the booking process for you. You can place a booking request online through our website or Truckload.pk Shippers App, drop a request through WhatsApp or you can call our customer care number +92 31444 56736. Our team after verification finds the nearest truck for you.
Once our system receives your booking, you will be notified of the approximate distance that your goods will travel, and accordingly, your bill amount will be calculated. If you are a customer who needs trucks on regular basis, we advise you to push your request after registering through Truckload.pk shippers APP which will give you greater control to book and manage your shipments. We instantaneously give you the best rate online through our network based on the mode of the shipment you have chosen; we instantaneously give you the best rate online.

For some of the regular routes, we do give you the rates information if you are booking through the web platform.
We notify our registered customers with daily market rates information for long-haul lanes such as Lahore-Karachi, Karachi outbound to main cities & industrial Hubs in Punjab through Truckload.pk Shipper’s Mobile app through in-app notifications. To receive the notifications, the user must have signed up for the APP and actively logged in to the system.
Yes, we can book and mobilize the trucks within minutes once you accept the quoted rates.
Yes, our system provides end-to-end fully automated workflows that can help you to book the truck and get a complete grip on the entire journey of the cargo movement. You can either choose to single-source your request and Truckload.pk team will fully manage and match your request and connect with you a suitable truck registered in our system.

Alternatively, you can go for bidding mode enabled, and the verified carriers registered on our system will compete with each other by quoting you suitable market rates.
The invoice will be sent to your registered email ID automatically once the consignment is delivered.
In case you do not need a full truck to move your cargo, Truckload.pk provides door to door Less than Truckload(LTL) Services, and will charge you only for the space that your cargo will consume in the truck, thus saving you a substantial amount of money during the process. Moreover, we provide door-to-door and store-to-store services for the sizeable LTL cargo.
Yes, you can cancel your booking through the Truckload.pk Shipper APP, Cancellation will then be approved as per the terms and conditions. A cancellation fee would also be applicable in certain cases.
Currently, we are accepting bookings at least an hour before your desired pick-up time. For certain types of specialized trucks, you need to plan well in advance to make sure that we provide you the required vehicle at the desired time.
No, the Website / App gives an Estimate cost and the final fare will be shared by our customer service representatives after verification of your pickup and drop location, weight, material details, etc. Moreover, the rates for the trucks on the key lanes changes due to demand/supply constraints and fuel price adjustments. The estimates we have reflected on our platform are the average fares which are not necessarily to validated exactly.
We have Flexible payment terms,

Cash Payment Terms

In the case of Advanced booking, customers have to pay a token amount via an IBFT banking channel to our designated company bank account for booking confirmation. The Remaining payment needs to be settled at the time of loading (90%), and the balance 10% of the amount shall be paid at the time of arrival before unloading.

Deferred Payment Terms:

We offer deferred payment terms for corporate customers, which could range between seven (07) to thirty (30) days upon presentation of the Sales Tax Invoice along with the signed Delivery Notes. However, we do have a certain procedure to follow before we enter into a deferred payments agreement with any customer.
Truckload.pk is a Sales Tax Registered organization, and we charge Sales Tax(GST) as per the applicable tax laws for the transportation industry.
We strongly advise our customers to arrange their “own labor” for the loading & off-loading of the cargo at their sites. It is practically impossible for us to arrange the labor at the remote stations to load & offload the cargo from the trucks. Moreover, it also creates a coordination nightmare for our staff.
Truckload.pk provides full truck transport services (FTL), Partial Trucks for loose cargo Transport Service (LTL), Car carrier, and heavy bikes Transportation service. Truckload.pk is not a courier company, so we cannot handle the parcels & couriers.
Yes, you can. we will provide you a Tracking Link wherever possible.
Yes, you will, we do not sugar coat the rates as well as we do not overcharge the customers. Moreover, we do not provide an oversize vehicle to any customer if there is no genuine need, apart from mitigating the risk of household personal effects (Household Items) that might not fit in a smaller vehicle.
Truckload.pk is not an insurance company, so we do not provide “Inland Transit Insurance” to cover your cargo against any anticipated losses. It is the Shippers Responsibility to arrange the insurance for their commercial cargo in advance. However, we can help the shippers to obtain the Insurance from Tier-1 insurance providers in Pakistan.

It is advisable for the customers(shipper’s) to keep a valid “Inland Transit Insurance” and “All Risk Insurance” in order to keep them safe from any unanticipated losses caused by events that are beyond Truckload.pk control.