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Car Carrier Services

Now with the help of Truckload.pk, the customers can ship their vehicles, for intercity transportation, with full confidence through our network of trusted partners, at the right market rates without fear of getting overcharged and greater quality of service.

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How can Truckload help with the Vehicle Moving Process?

Now with the help of Truckload.pk, enjoy the hassle-free experience for intercity movement & relocation of your vehicles at the right market rates and right quality of service through our trusted partners.
Hassle Free Movement
Premium Towing Service
Fair Pricing
Instant booking Process
Door to Door
Transit Insurance
No Hidden Charges

Car Carrier Rate List (Karachi to Other Cities)

Vehicle Name Vehicle Type Multan Lahore Islamabad Peshawar Faislabad Quetta
660CC (WagonR, Alto, Mira, Move, Bolan, Every Van, Coure, Nissan Days, Mehran, Tantoo, Hustler) Hatchback 31000 31000 32000 34000 32000 30000
1000 CC (Vitz, Cultus, Passo, Swift, Shrade, Khyber, Santro, Picanto) Hatchback 31000 31000 33000 35000 33000 31000
1300-1800CC SEDANS & Mini SUVs (Toyota Corolla, Honda City, Civic, Vezel, CHR, Fielder, Axio, Prius, Honda Grace, Aqua, Alsvin) Sedan 34000 34000 36000 38000 36000 34000
1800CC+ & SUVs Crossovers (BMW X1, 3 Door Jeep, Tuscon, Sportage, MG HS) ) Suv 37000 37000 39000 41000 39000 37000
Toyota Pickup, Land Cruiser V8, Revo, Vigo, BMW X-5, to X-7 Off-Road Vehicles 42000 42000 44000 46000 44000 42000
2000CC+ {Sedans+SUVs} (Mark 2, Crown, Mercedes, Prado, Fortuner, HiAce, Lexus 450, Shahzore, BMW X5-X7) Suv 39000 39000 41000 43000 41000 39000
Sports Bikes Mini Vehicles 28000 28000 30000 34000 30000 28000

  • Above Rates are all inclusive for Yard to Yard movement, and are non-negotiable.
  • For Door to door, PKR 1,000 will be charged on each side if the Door-to-Door service is availed
  • For northbound shipments from Karachi, NOC charges (PKR 1,500) will be Applied in case our teams have to arranged the CPLC NOC for the vehicle movement.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have simplified the booking process for you. You can place a booking request online through our website or Truckload.pk Shipper’s App that you can download through Google Playstore, drop a request through WhatsApp or you can call our customer care number +92 31444 56736. Our team after verification will connect you automatically with one of Truckload.pk nearest car-carrier partners for further coordination and request processing.
We have standard market rates for each category of the vehicles. You will be notified of the approximate rate before you are going the trigger the booking request through our web platform. Alternatively, you can look for the freight charges in the rates table. If you are booking through the APP, you will be alerted as soon as a valid rate is applied to your request.
We provide both yard-to-yard and Door-to-Door services for vehicle transportation. In the case of Door-to-Door services, the customer would need to bear additional pick-up and delivery charges. These charges range from a minimum of 500Rs to a maximum of 1500Rs on each side, depending upon how far the endpoints are from the nearest yard location where the vehicles will be loaded onto a car carrier.
The Transit time varies between the cities. On Average it takes 60-72 Hrs Delivery time for a yard-to-yard delivery between Karachi to Lahore, Karachi to Islamabad, and vice versa.
Truckload.pk can help with arranging the insurance coverage before booking the vehicle based on the customer’s consent.

The insurance rate of 0.006 (600 Rs) per one (01) Lac of vehicle price will be applied. i.e. A vehicle having a market value of three (03) million rupees will have an insurance premium of 18,000 Rs that will be collected 100% in advance at the time of booking. Truckload.pk T&C Applies on limits of liability.
We have movement of carriers on daily basis on intercity routes. And following Routes are covered.

Karachi to Lahore and vice versa
Karachi to Islamabad and vice versa
Karachi to Faisalabad, Multan, Bahawalpur, Rahim Yar Khan & Sukker and vice versa

Karachi to Quetta and Vice Versa, Thrice a week.
Our agent inspects the vehicle thoroughly at the time of collection. A proper inspection report is noted down on the waybill to make sure that the vehicle is handed over to the customers at the delivery location in the same condition which was noted at the time of collection.

The customer must report back to truckload.pk if they witness any abnormalities.
We have a network coverage across all the major cities, such as Karachi, Lahore, Hyderabad, Sukker, Rahim Yar Khan, Bahawalpur, Multan, Sahiwal, Lahore, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Sarai Muhajir and Peshawar.
In case you need to move your vehicle on a standalone carrier truck, you can request for the Winch Truck (Recovery vehicle) to transport your vehicle on intercity routes. The rates for the Winch Trucks are higher as compared to the car-carrier trucks.
Yes, you can cancel your booking through the Truckload.pk Shipper APP in case you have placed the request through the mobile APP. There are no cancellation charges if your vehicle is not picked up. In case the vehicle is picked up from the customer’s location and the request is canceled, nominal cancellation charges will be applied to recover the cost of vehicle collection.
We are accepting bookings for the same day, if your vehicle is delivered to the designated yard and a slot is available on the car carrier, it will be shipped out on the same day, else the vehicle will be loaded and shipped through the next available carrier.
Yes, The Freight charges are fixed and guaranteed. However, the incidental charges such as pick and drop driver charges are variable and vary based on the location of the customer premises on each end.
We have Flexible payment terms,

Cash Payment Terms
The customers can pay either at the pickup location or at the delivery location. We can also split the payments into two, i.e. 50% at the booking of the vehicle and 50% at the delivery.
Truckload.pk works closely with the vendors to ensure the required quality of service and makes sure that no one deviates from our written processes, procedures, and vehicle safety requirement. We also occasionally work with customers to investigate and coordinate for the resolution of service issues or concerns.